40 Blogs in 40 Days…

While I may not be given a VIP pass to the Vatican, I was still baptized Catholic. When this post goes live it will officially be the beginning of Lent.

Every year, I like to give up something. This isn’t because of any sort of religious conviction, but I think that self-denial is a valuable and important thing to do every so often. This isn’t out of any great religious need, but rather I think it’s good to test yourself every so often.

In the past I gave up swearing, drinking, and pop. I consider coffee, beer, laziness, and some other things, but as you can probably tell from the title, I settled on one thing. I am giving up excuses for not blogging. I like it, I should do it, right?

I did a “Daily Post” thing a few years ago, even if it wasn’t nearly so long. This can’t be much harder I suppose.┬áSo for all of Lent I will be posting every day either here or on my hockey and wrestling themed site Blade Jobs of Steel. Of course astute readers will notice that Easter is 46 Days away, so like the Lord I’ll take Sundays off.

I have lots of plans here, but lots more should just flow, either way it should be fun!

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1 Down, 39 to Go


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